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Mun-th-are wo-zey

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Both my first name, Mandar, and last name, Vaze, are relatively common, in Maharashtra (One of the western state of India. Mumbai/Bombay is capital of Maharashrta) Over the years, I’ve noticed that it is difficult to pronounce correctly for non-marathi people (Marathi is synonym for people from Maharashtra, it is also the language of marathi people). So this is my attempt to help other Indians, and more importantly for non-Indians (American) friends of mine, pronounce my name correct.

Before I begin, some background on why it is difficult for non-Indians to pronounce Indian names, in general. Marathi language uses देवनागरी script, which has far more alphabets than Roman script. So any Indian name, when written in Roman script is an approximation.

Those who can read and understand देवनागरी, my name is spelled as मन्दार वझे. This should make it easy. Others read on.

Lets begin with my first name :

Mandar can be broken into three sounds. Man – da – r. Let me explain each sound, then we’ll learn to say it all together.

Man – Should be pronounced as mun as in “munch” , not like man

da – Here “d” should be pronounced like “th” as in thou, thee etc. not like doctor. If I spell as tha, people are likely to pronounce “th” as in think. The sound is closer to d than th

r – Pronounce it like are.

Lot of people pronounce my last name as vez, (like they would pronounce kate as ket) it is incorrect though.

It can be broken into two sounds : va – ze

va : Pronounce this as you would say wo in when saying word

ze : it is like zey

So putting t all together, it should be pronounced as “mun-th-are wo-zey” 🙂


Written by Mandar Vaze

June 5, 2008 at 5:52 am

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  1. That is really an Innovative endeavor to pronounce your name correct !!!


    January 16, 2009 at 10:48 pm

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