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What is Professional Behaviour ?

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Honor Your Verbal commitments

Honor Your Verbal commitments

Lot of my posts are inspired from  real life incidences, and what I learn from it. This one is no different.

Monday, Jan 26th was Republic Day Holiday in India. I have planned to meet two people, since they would be available (It was national holiday, after all) I had spoken to Mr. X on Thursday, and confirmed that he will be available around 4PM, since he had some party to attend in the evening.  I met Mr. Y, for the first time on Friday evening, and expressed my interest to meet him again on Monday (Holiday), we agreed verbally, but no time was confirmed. It is important to mention here that both the appointments were initiated by me, so it is quite likely that I was more interested in meeting them, than other way round. But other parties had agreed to meet, and confirmed their availability.

Come Monday 26th, I called Mr Y, since we did not agree to timing suitable for both. We decided to meet at 7PM. Since I had agreed to meet Mr X at 4PM, I did not call him until 3.30PM. Based on my past experience Mr. X has tendency to cancel the appointment at last moment. Other times too, he cancels the appointment when I call just before the scheduled time. So I called around 3.30 to confirm whether he would make it. (Since it was Holiday, it was likely that he was delayed) But he did not answer his cell phone. I tried at least 4 times, but no answer. Then I called his office number (which is where we had planned to meet) I had not expected anyone else to be in the office, considering it was a holiday, but assuming that he is already in office, and forgot his cell at home, I gave it a shot. Didn’t help. Based on his past behaviour, I didn’t want to show up without confirming his availability (it was 30 minutes drive) I sent him a text message, asking to call back when he saw the message (reminding that we had planned to meet at 4PM)

OK, so that kind of spoilt my mood. So I was wondering even Mr. Y would meet me. But I got a call around 5PM from Mr. Y informing that due to Holiday, he had planned some activities his with his family, which would extend beyond 7, and that he won’t be able to make our appointment that evening.

I was further disappointed, but at least Mr. Y had courtesy to call back, (well within time) to inform me of his changed plans.

Who would you call professional ? Who do you think I will form a long term relationship with ?

Do you have instances of what you would consider Professional Behaviour ?

Note : I have not received a call back to this day from Mr. X.  I met with Mr. Y couple of days after our first planned meeting, the meeting was very helpful (for me, at least) I am very thankful to him.


Written by Mandar Vaze

January 29, 2009 at 6:52 pm

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