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Security Personnel In India

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In my previous post, I narrated an incidence at the Hospital involving less-than-effective security check. Another week and half,  I came across another incident involving less-than-effective security. This time it was close to home (really, about 100 meters away from my house)

It was about 8.30 at night, we were watching TV, suddenly we heard noises, I turned down the TV volume, and we could hear people shouting  चोर … चोर !!! (चोर (chor) means thief). So I went outside to see what is going on. Apparently, one of my neighbour had arrived with Hockey Stick, there were several people gathered few building away. They were talking to the security guard (and kind of implying why he couldn’t stop/catch the thief) Anyway, I couldn’t gather much as to what happened then. Everyone dispersed few minutes later.

Couple of days later, I talked to the security guard, to hear his side of the story.

Before I get into his version, it is important to know some details about him. He started his duty in my apartment complex few months ago. He is very sincere. He shows up daily at 7PM. His duty ends after 12 hours, at 7AM. While back, when talking to him, I came to know that he also has to work as security guard at one of the banks, so he shows up at the bank by 8AM. He is released from that duty by 3PM. Get gets about 4 hours before he has to show up at my housing colony by 7PM.

He is about 5 feet. He carries only one big wooden stick. He makes the rounds of the housing colony every hour at night, and blows a whistle while he walks the entire in-roads, and yells जागते रहो !! (This is typically of any security guard at the housing complexes most places in India)

Coming back to the incident .. his version :

Apparently, that night two people arrived in motor bike, when he stopped them to ask as to where were to they visiting, they didn’t stop and went away.  As noted in my previous post, several white-collared folks do not think it is important to co-operate with security guard. So possibly our security guard did not chase them. Another four people came few minutes apart in a four wheeler, needless to say, they didn’t stop either. Per the security person, he went after them, which is when he heard one of the ladies in nearby house shouting, and asking for help. Security guard started blowing whistle, this made the neighbors alert, and the thieves ran away.

Looking back, I think he did his job OK. Here are some of e drawbacks I see :

  • This person is not equipped wither any kind of weapon to defend himself or stop the thieves.
  • Considering this above incident happened at 8.30PM, several people were still awake and could (have) come for help (if needed)
  • If the same would have happened at late night, one person could not have handled six people with intention of robbery (I omitted the part where my security guard mentioned that thieves had knife/dagger with them)

Similarly, in recent Mumbai attacks, it was revealed even Mumbai police aren’t equipped with proper weapons. On the CST railway station, when one of the personnel tried to shoot back at the terrosists, the gun was jammed, and he couldn’t do much to counter attack.

Please share your suggestions regarding how can we help improve the security in India ?


Written by Mandar Vaze

December 19, 2008 at 8:52 pm

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