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LinkedIn : WordPress App

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LinkedIn recently released several applications to work with their website.  One of them is WordPress Application. In its current shape and form, LinkedIn lets you specify your WordPress blog on your LinkedIn profile webpage.

Personally I think this is very powerful, because :

  • This will provide far more visibility to your blog that just a link to your blog
  • Seeing the snippets of your blog posts on your LinkedIn profile has higher chances of viewers reaching to your blog. This drives traffic. If my blog is any good, they will come back 🙂
  • The blog gets visit from professionals, and possibly like minded people from by network. I would rather have quality over quantity.

Currently there are only two options. Either select all the posts, or select posts tagged LinkedIn. In future I would like to see more control on what gets displayed. e.g

  • Number of posts displayed, rather than Recent posts. I’m not sure how LinkedIn-Wordpress decide which are the recent posts. It is time based, or count based. If my last post was 12 days ago, does it count as Recent ?
  • Option to choose multiple tags/categories for displaying on LinkedIn profile.  Off course it makes sense to choose LinkedIn tag to begin with, but more control would be nice.

Finally, if you have reached this page from my LinkedIn profile, please leave a comment. It would nice to know if enabling wordpress app on my profile has helped 🙂

Every Tuesday I publish Tips on How to use LinkedIn effectively for your career. There are several articles that talk about this topic on the net. I present several common sense tips, based on my own experience.


Written by Mandar Vaze

November 4, 2008 at 10:15 pm

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