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Explaining “The Matrix” to 8 year old

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Last week, I got a call from my 8 year old nephew asking me to explain “What is the Matrix”. I could not have possibly explained it to him over the phone in few minutes, impromptu. Lucky for me, he was visiting me in 30 minutes. I got some time to prepare myself.

If I had to explain this to an adult, I use one of the two approaches. If they are kind who believes in hindu philosophy, then they are familiar with The the real world is just an illusion – Mithya – concept, and the movie is just nice action wrapper around tha same concept. This goes well with people Indians, or those faimilar with Hindu philosophy.

If not, I try to explain the Human bodies are just like batteries for the machines concept, which movie clearly talks about. Someone with some physics background and little bit of leap of faith, this explaination goes well with them.

But with my newphew none of these options would work.

So explained to him that consider you are dreaming. In your dreams you could fly, at times you wake up from your dream thinking you are falling down, but when you wake up, you realize that you are safe in your bed. Similarly, the characters in the movie are in dream-like state when they can jump high and do some cool action sequence.

He seemed to have understood 🙂


Written by Mandar Vaze

October 12, 2008 at 5:45 pm

Posted in Miscellaneous

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