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Linked-In : What to expect from your connections

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I’ve seen some of the profiles with lot of connections, some very few. But have you thought about why you have so many or so few connections ? I would recommend to remember this advice.




This is probably highest ranking expectation. I have received several request to endorse my connections. But I have been selective. So if I do not know them professionally well enough, I would not recommend them on linked in. It is likely that your connections may think on similar lines. Do not pressurise them. They may disconnect. Having said that, it might be better to check whether they can endorse you, offline, before sending a request from linked in. Quite honestly, if you are good at what you do professionally, no one will have problems recommending you. So it might help to remind some good-intentioned-but-forgetful folks. Again, don’t push too much.

Job Offer : Direct

You may already know which person from your connection can extend you a direct job offer. If you have such people linked in to you, it is likely that neither of you are waiting to be formally get connected on LinkedIn. If on the other hand, you need a job, it is OK to check with your connections if they can help directly. But do not be disappointed if they didn’t. It is likely that there is only so much they can control. With current state of US economy, things are bad everywhere. So don’t let this affect you, in case they can’t help.

Job Offer : Indirect

More people will be willing to help you with this option, as long as they trust you. (Even if they didn’t endorse you on LinkedIn) This may not be as effective if you are just searching for any job. If on the other hand, you have identified a specific role/position and had initial discussions, then getting recommendation (verbal or otherwise, even if not on LinkedIn) would help move the things forward with specific opportunity.

Business Deal 

This is similar to Direct Job offer, but it is different. Earlier I was referring to your connection offering a salries job. There are several restrictions there. Here on the other hand, you are equal partner in success or failyre of your joint venture. Again, it is highly likely that if you know each other only through linked-in, this kind of help is very unlikely to come.

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September 16, 2008 at 7:32 am

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