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Linked-In : Remove Bad connections

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In my inaugural post of the LinkedIn Tips series, I advised to connect responsibly. So what happens if you didn’t read my post, and now wish you had not connected to certain people ? Don’t despair. There is a way to remedy this situation. Read on.

A word of caution : Please take these steps very carefully. They are irreversible. You are warned.



Now that disclaimer is out of the way, let me show you how to Disconnect (or unlink, if you like) ?

  1. Go to Contacts in left hand side menu panel
  2. On the contacts page, click on Remove Connections (top and right)
  3. Select the connections to be removed, and click Remove connections button

You will see following note below the Remove connections button

Note: These connections will not be notified that they have been removed. They will be added to your list of contacts in case you want to reinvite them later.

.. but it has been reported that, once removed those connections can not be added back (in spite of what the message says).  So think twice before you remove them.

photo by pwbaker

Every Tuesday I publish Tips on How to use LinkedIn effectively for your career. There are several articles that talk about this topic on the net. I present several common sense tips, based on my own experience.


Written by Mandar Vaze

August 26, 2008 at 10:16 pm

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  1. linkedin was just added to the top 10 employment site list with two other sites:

    Of all the top 10 sites, linkedin is the only social networking site. Top 10 list here:

    sheila price

    August 27, 2008 at 9:31 pm

  2. […] in. It is likely that your connections may think on similar lines. Do not pressurise them. They may disconnect. Having said that, it might be better to check whether they can endorse you, offline, before […]

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