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The Daily Prayer

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I pray thrice a day.
It does not take long,
but is helpful throughout the day.

Without realizing, I wrote my first poem 🙂

Early in the morning, after I brush my teeth, I pray to the God by saying

God, Yesterday was a great day, I pray for you to make today equally great

After I get ready to leave the house for the office, I pray once again.

God, Please help me reach office safely and on time, and come back safely and on time. Help me get maximum work done. Please keep my family* happy

*Here, I explicitly name the family members : my wife, my married sister – her family, and my parents

This prayer shows that

  • I do not look forward to traffic jams 🙂
  • I love my work. If I spent my day fruitfully, then I am a happy man.
  • I love my family, and always want to see them happy.

Finally, last thing before I go to bed, I pray again

Today was a great day, I pray for equally good day tomorrow as well.

Do you have such daily spiritual habits ? Please share in the comments.

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Written by Mandar Vaze

August 14, 2008 at 8:57 pm

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