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LinkedIn : Create your Brand

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I got the idea for this post when I read about Robin Sharma’s this post, that appeared in local newspaper. Robin says:

And for you to get to professional greatness, I suggest that you work on, polish and protect your personal brand: Your good name.

If you are salaried employee, do not restrict your LinkedIn profile only to your primary job. Of course, that is by far most important, but most people forget about other aspects of their professional skills.

Lets say you are a software engineer, who takes very good photographs, definitely mention about Photography awards, your participation in variety of exhibitions. By all means point to your flickr (or other) website. But I would advice against linking to photo site carrying only your personal photographs like those of your kids, friends and family.

Depending on who is looking at your profile, they might be interested in different roles you have performed e.g. If “Bill Gates – The CEO” doesn’t list his philanthropic activities on linkedIn, then Warren Buffet might never contribute to his organization.  (Remember this is just a hypothetical example 🙂 )

I have several other suggestions related to treating LinkedIn profile as your brand. I’ll publish those in future posts.

Every Tuesday I publish Tips on How to use LinkedIn effectively for your career. There are several articles that talk about this topic on the net. I present several common sense tips, based on my own experience.


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August 5, 2008 at 9:29 pm

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