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How to Convert Idle time into Leisure Time

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Many People don’t understand the difference between idle time and leisure time. Idle time amounts to wasting or stealing time; leisure time is earned. Enjoying leisure time leavs us energized and refreshed. Idle time saps our energy. Procrastinating is idle time

– Shiv Khera, You can Win,  Chapter2 : Success:Winning Strategies

You Idle, You Pay

You Idle, You Pay

Let me share with you one of my tip for converting the idle time to leisure time.

Typically, I do not get any idle time on weekdays. (Neither do I get leisure time) But weekend is all mine. So it is important to use it wisely, and to make sure I enjoy my weekend, and not waste it.

What I have seen works for me is reward system. I know I want to read my favorite book, spend couple of hours reading the newspaper (on workdays, it is just skimming thru headlines) may be watch my favorite TV Show.

I also know I need to do the laundry, do some chores around the house. 🙂

If I start enjoying my weekend from the get-go I know the chores won’t get done. So I allow myself time for newspaper, only after I put the laundry in the washing machine.  I’ll read the book, only after I do the dishes, and so on. It helps to pair up one of the I-hate-doing-this-but-must-be-done tasks, with I-can-do-this-all-the-day activities.  Since you badly want to watch that TV show at 4PM, you better finish those chores before the show starts, so that you can enjoy the show without any guilt.

I got this idea from Merlin Mann’s this post. While his article focuses on work and productivity, the concept works well for the weekend as well.

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Written by Mandar Vaze

July 31, 2008 at 10:30 pm

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